Effective Coaching Skills - February 2 & 3, 2021 (AM)

Leadership & Management
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
February 2-3, 2021
9:00AM - 12:30PM

The most effective and inspiring leaders know that coaching is a fundamental part of their role, because it develops people’s capacity to solve business problems and guarantees high performance. This interactive course gives you the practical techniques and tools for performance coaching and will help you understand what coaching really is, how to create ownership of personal development and continuous improvement, and how to provide quality feedback to team members and use effective coaching communication skills.

  • Help employees to enhance their skills
  • Learn to delegate better so you have more time to truly manage
  • Increase your employees’ productivity - they’ll know what the goals are and how to achieve them
  • Increase employee motivation and initiative with positive recognition and feedback
  • Increase the likelihood of tasks being completed efficiently, effectively and to a high standard

Key Topics

  • How to coach proactively instead of just reacting to crises
  • How to analyse performance problems and decide what to do about them
  • Setting objectives and identifying performance success factors
  • Planning and selecting people-development activities
  • Communicating for results: delegating persuasively, stating desired results, establishing control and feedback systems
  • Practising the process and skills of coaching
  • Practising job-instruction techniques and learning from common mistakes
  • Effective communication approaches and coaching language
  • How to correct employees in the right manner, place and time,and for the right reason
  • How to handle problem employees

"The trainer consistently delivers interesting and lively examples which engaged attendees."

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