Dealing with Difficult Customers (AM session)

Customer Service
Course Date: 
September 8, 2021
9:00AM - 12:30PM

Note: All scheduled Public Courses will be held as live online sessions via Zoom, until further notice. Our online courses are designed to maximise the benefit of "face" time while balancing the attention span of the online format. There is no compromise in content or learning activities, which we have ensured is the same as in our face-to-face programmes. 

The Dealing with Difficult Customers programme provides essential skills that frontline staff should understand and have the ability to utilise. Improving their competency in this respect will boost their confidence and enthusiasm for their work, increase their overall job satisfaction, and reflect a more positive image of the organisation.

  • Appreciate the importance of handling complaints and frustrated customers with care
  • Understand the causes of complaints and avoid causing unnecessary frustration
  • Understand and meet the expectations of an angry customer; turning a crisis into a service opportunity
  • Apply customer service skills for handling difficult customers to achieve a positive outcome
  • Establish a more positive attitude and feel more confident towards handling complaints and difficult customers

Key Topics

  • The benefits of handling complaints and difficult customers effectively
  • The impact to the organisation when complaints are not handled well
  • Common causes of customer complaints and frustrations
  • Review quality customer service skills 
  • How positive behaviour impacts the situation and achieves a more desirable outcome
  • Establishing a positive attitude towards complaints and angry customers
  • Steps and skills for handling complaints and difficult customers
  • The “dos” and “don’ts” in handling difficult situations
  • Following through to restore confidence
  • Ways to reduce stress when dealing with difficult customers

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