Key Account Management

Sales & Marketing
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
July 17, 2020
9:00AM - 5:30PM

For many businesses, most of the sales revenue comes from a few key accounts, and your key customers are also your competitors’ key prospects. That means developing and protecting these important relationships is absolutely essential.

At this programme, you will learn how to develop a strategic selling plan that will save you time, money and effort by identifying the right accounts and the right projects, why your offer matters to those clients, what it takes to ensure their long-term loyalty, and how to accelerate the sales process.

  • Enhance sales performance with a sharpened focus
  • Gain customers’ loyalty by understanding their needs
  • Position yourself with the real decision-makers and avoid those who don’t influence the sale
  • Increase sales penetration in your current accounts
  • Shorten the sales cycle by identifying and removing internal and external bottlenecks
  • Identify and deal with different buying influences present in every sale
  • Track account progress and forecast future sales
Key Topics
  • Selling in a changing environment
  • Value-added selling concepts
  • Strategic selling
  • How to increase your contribution and overcome major obstacles
  • Developing quantifiable goals and strategies
  • Identifying opportunities and red flags
  • Recognising the buyer’s level of receptivity
  • Key strategies to respond to different buying influences and tactics
  • Co-operative versus competitive selling styles
  • Tracking account performance
  • Customer profiling and account planning
  • Strategic sales analysis
  • Conducting a gap analysis and turning obstacles into opportunities

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