Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

Communication & Influencing

Comedy makes learning fun!

Cutting Edge Corporation is a simulated company created by psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown where the managers and staff are constantly learning lessons. Despite the hilarious communication disasters, each video program is packed with powerful lessons. Filmed in LA, these videos feature many brilliant comedy performers and actors, in a new breed of short, clever business training films and English language learning.  
"What an amazing response from senior executive down to new managers!
The engagement was brilliant!"
- BOFI Federal Bank, USA
150 titles in the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series and sequels Success at WorkBasic English and English at Work.
  • Personal Success & Communication Skills
  • Sales, Service and Presentation Skills
  • Handling Conflict & Difficult People
  • Leading People & Managing Performance
  • Managing Change, Standards & Culture
  • Building Effective & Motivated Teams
  • Managing Stress, Safety & Well-being

All titles available for streaming!

Cutting Edge English at Work SeriesCutting Edge Basic English Series and Cutting Edge Work Experience Series, are available now! Enquire below.