Customer Service

Learn how to use the reciprocity urge to create happy customers and cooperative teams.
How can we turn angry customers around? How can we get others to listen to us? How can we influence members of our team?

The answer lies in understanding the reciprocity urge, the basic drive in all people to respond according to how they are treated.

Bill is unhappy with members of his team. He discovers that his own behaviour is the main cause of his problems. He realises that he needs to change the boomerangs he is throwing out, to ensure he gets the desired behaviour back.

Boomerang will make your audience think about their own behaviour and how it needs to change if they want happy customers, cooperative team members and motivated staff. This video is ideal as a session starter, or as a support for team development, customer service training or leadership development.
Key Learning Points
  • The Reciprocity Urge
  • Take a good look at yourself
  • Consciously choose your boomerangs