Manager View 360

Leadership & Management
Assessment Tool

Are you looking for training and coaching tools to support your supervisory and management development initiatives? Manager View 360 measures 20 core competencies and will support your efforts with a comprehensive feedback report– including competency based developmental suggestions, readings, and online resources.

Manager View 360 is a comprehensive 360-degree feedback online assessment tool for rigorous, in-depth reporting of strengths and developmental needs. With explicit information and appropriate feedback, individuals can accomplish continuous self, team and organizational advancement. Manager View 360 is ideal for use in coaching, skill-based training programs, succession/talent management programs, career development and is designed to support the developmental section of corporate performance evaluation systems.

Reliable and Valid
Manager View 360 has been through a rigorous validation process. If you're interested, please contact us for the validation report.

  • 20 Management Competencies
  • 100 Behavioral Questions
  • Internet Administration
  • Scoring Bureau Processing
  • Comprehensive Feedback Report (with scoring and graph options)
  • Online Developmental Goal Setting/Reminder System
  • Comprehensive Competancy Based Resource Library
Who is it for?
Frontline managers and supervisors. Available in Simplified Chinese and English.
Manager View 360 is ideal for use in management coaching, supervisory training, management development programs, and to support the developmental section of corporate performance evaluation systems.

Competencies Measured:
Communication Competencies
Two-Way Feedback
Written Communication
Oral Communication
Oral Presentation
Vision/ Goal Setting
Performance Management Competencies
Planning/ Organizing
Administrative Control/ Follow Up
Performance Evaluation
Performance Management
Recognizing/ Rewarding
Interpersonal Competencies
Team Development
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Negotiation/ Conflict Management
Coaching/ Employee Development
Leadership/ Influence
Employee Involvement
Problem Solving Competencies
Decisiveness/ Judgment
Problem Analysis


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