Case Study - Developing a Team's Leadership Skills


The challenge
Dew-Point assisted a client in building their leadership team's abilities. The team had worked their way up to management level after long service to the company. However, the group was much too operational-focused, and the Managing Director saw a performance gap in their ability to lead and manage others. The company was on the verge of intensive growth, and there was a need to enhance the leadership team so that they would be ready to handle this business growth.
Our solution
Dew-Point conducted a Gap Analysis to determine the focus for the Leadership Development programme. The Gap Analysis included Focus Group Interviews and Written Surveys to collect feedback from all levels of the organisation. The results were presented in a Strategic Planning session, where Dew-Point facilitated the leadership team to analyse the issues and prioritise areas for improvement.
As a result of the planning session, several topics were selected as a high priority for training and development, at both the Leadership team level, as well as the next tier down. Custom-designed programmes were scheduled to overcome the participants’ issues and skill gaps. The training programmes were rolled out so that participants would build on the skills they learned from prior sessions.
The results
Participants in all the training sessions were required to write Implementation Plans and present to the Managing Director the required changes, how they could resolve common issues in operations, and what they would personally do to improve themselves. Dew-Point monitored the progress and results of these improvement efforts, keeping in regular contact with the leadership team and the Managing Director. 
A year after Dew-Point's Leadership Development Programme, the client organisation exceeded its sales targets while competently handling their increased volume of business. They continued to aim for business growth in the coming year. Our close communication and partnership helped in their planning of the following year’s strategic focus and ongoing Leadership Development initiatives.