Planning and Organising

Productivity Improvement
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
August 1, 2019
9:00AM - 5:30PM

You don’t always get to do all the things that you mean to complete and you may feel guilty with the lack of accomplishment. The solution is to emphasise the importance of setting goals and priorities, so you can overcome your internal roadblocks and external issues that have hindered you in the past. At this workshop, you’ll learn to create your own personal action plan to change your planning behaviours and schedule your activities more productively.


  • Appreciate the importance of planning and organising for personal and organisational growth
  • Learn how to set and align your goals with organisational goals
  • Manage your time and schedules more effectively
  • Delegate well and free yourself for bigger tasks
  • Adopt a systematic approach to planning and implementing a project
  • Clarify objectives, set priorities and plan for results
  • Accomplish more by using planning tools

Key Topics

  • Why we need to plan and organise better for greater accomplishment for both yourself and your company
  • Goal-setting - setting SMART goals
  • How to work smarter by focusing on the "important" rather than the "urgent"
  • Setting and managing priorities
  • Developing productive and proactive management approaches
  • The What, Who and How of delegation
  • Tips for effective planning and scheduling
  • Practicing how to implement an assignment using the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
  • Developing action plans and activity schedules, and using planning tools and techniques
  • Control your current work situation and schedule by resolving problems with others and preventing crisis

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